The Showmen


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"With The Sun On Your Back and A Few Bob In Your Pocket"

Travelling Showmen are a 20,000 strong union of fairground workers in the UK. Secretive, close-knit and often misunderstood, they cross the land via inherited routes, pulling on to out market squares, parklands and countryside to bring with them the dazzling fair. What is commonly unconsidered or unknown about these people is their nomadic way of life, inspiring devotion to their families and total allegiance to each other. Motivated to challenge dark and mysterious depictions of Showmen in film and literature, this work peers into their world with a sensitive eye and portrays a proud, hard working community whose heritage is part of the fabric of the historic British landscape. The project also looks at the modern fun fair and the thrill-seeking public, building a narrative that explores the relationship between Showmen and their punters.



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