Welcome Our Queen


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"What potent blood hath modest May"... For the people of Wellow Village, Nottinghamshire.

Welcome Our Queen is a series of photographs that explores the historical Maypole celebrations in the small village of Wellow, Nottinghamshire. Modern-day portraits of former May Queens still resident in Wellow are paired with personal and nostalgic photos of their own coronation, dating back to the 1950's. Taking a fascination in the crowning of the May Queen and the traditions of the village, the work also looks at the May Day festivities today, a festival that is universally enjoyed by generations of residents, integral to the history of the village and its community.

A sense of mystery and enchantment has long been associated with the Maypole and the symbolism in this work touches on its transcendental connections. Bluebells, birds' eggs, foliage and the scythe denote fertility, the returning Summer and a connection with the land. Community and village life are also major themes throughout the work, in particular, the significance of traditional village events in contemporary Britain and the way in which ceremony and folklore continue to underlie culture.[/slide]


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