Le Monde: The community of Birstall and Batley, constituency of Jo Cox MP.


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Shortly after the tragic murder of Jo Cox going about her everyday duties as a local MP, I traveled to Birstall and Batley, West Yorkshire on assignment for Le Monde, to capture her constituency town and the people she loved and cared for. I found a warm, multicultural community united in grief over the loss of one of their own, a kindhearted local woman proud to represent the people and places she grew up knowing. Since her cruel and untimely passing, much has been said about Jo's humanitarianism and her tireless efforts in helping those in need, whether it be the people of Batley and Spen or a Syrian refugee family. That compassion shone through in everybody I spoke to and photographed in Birstall and Batley, their tolerance and hospitality a fitting tribute to a woman who championed hope, not hate.

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