HMP Whatton - The Times


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I was commissioned by The Times to photograph Lynn Saunders, prison governor at HMP Whatton in Nottinghamshire. HMP Whatton is the largest sex offenders' prison in Europe and offers a treatment programme with a high success rate in rehabilitating inmates. Saunders works with some of the most despised and feared people in society and takes a humanistic approach to working with sex offenders, a notion that may be hard to accept for much of the general public. The treatment programme at Whatton is centred around building the self-esteem of inmates, as self-deprecation is the largest barrier to rehabilitation and is often a direct cause of the offending itself. In time, most of Whatton's sex offenders will go back into the community. According to Saunders, their re-offending rate is very low - 6% compared with 50% for the general prison population. Ultimately, the prison regards public protection as paramount - they must ensure that people are kept safe.