Miss Mansfield


[better_gallery template=default ][slide type=text page=1] A couple of portraits I shot yesterday for a new project looking at young people growing up in Mansfield, a town just north of Nottingham. I'm hoping to tackle the prospects, ambitions, identities and vulnerabilities of people between the ages of 12 - 23 in a suburban ex-mining town. The work follows on from my series of images Thanks Maggie that explores the landscapes and social uses of former coal mining sites in the area. My idea to make these new portraits stemmed from the recurring theme of youth and adolescence in Thanks Maggie and a desire to develop that strand into a much deeper look at the subject.

This is Grace, a 19 year old performing arts student and beauty queen, who has recently been crowned Miss Mansfield, a regional heat of the prestigious Miss England beauty title. She works in a pub where she's well known by a strong community of regulars, so I decided to make an understated photograph of her wearing her work uniform, her tiara resting on a table next to her.

I'm going to be researching potential subjects for the project over the next couple of weeks.


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