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[better_gallery template=default ][/better_gallery] I've been terrible and not made an update for quite some time! My excuse is that I've been super busy with coordinating an exhibition of my work with travelling showmen families at the Nottingham Goose Fair. It seems that when I'm immersed in practical tasks, the internet becomes somewhat of an afterthought, which I don't necessarily mind too much. It's good to get a break from looking at this screen every once in a while!

Since it's been a little while, I thought I'd upload a small gallery of images from a recent shoot to enjoy. On Monday I had the pleasure of photographing leading choreographer Siobhan Davies. I had received an email a couple of weeks previous from the comms. manager at Siobhan's studios who had looked at my work and was interested in a possible collaboration, with a view to commissioning a new portrait. Excited by the prospect, I traveled down to London to meet Siobhan at her beautiful studios, housed in a converted Victorian primary school in Lambeth. Sipping coffee and flicking through her previous profile portraits, we talked through ideas for the shoot and practicalities. For all the studio was an alluring option for a location, it had been done before and I wanted to challenge myself to come up with something less predictable. We concluded our meeting in agreement that we'd set off on a walk from the studios on the following Monday morning and try something in the neighborhood.

The Sunday before the shoot I headed back down to London, filled with dread over the impending storm that had been forecast. The worst winds since 1987 they said! And a deluge to boot. I was almost certain that the shoot would have to be moved inside and was nearly prepared to write off my original idea. Clinging on to any shreds of hope I had left, I took advantage of my time to wander the streets behind the studios, which are lined with beautiful Georgian terraces. A rare opportunity to location scout before a shoot should never be turned down, even if there is a real possibility it could all be scrapped on the day. Come Sunday night, the rain did indeed pour and the wind did blow, forcefully enough to cause havoc with the rail network and uproot some pretty substantial trees. I couldn't believe my luck however when I awoke Monday morning to calmer conditions. The streets of London were still blustery and grey as I paced towards a rush hour tube, but a little breeze and a spot of drizzle wasn't going to ruin my plan. Siobhan was happy to brave the weather and we headed out in our jumpers and coats under a tumultuous sky. We chatted about recent projects and rituals of creative process as I photographed her against Lambeth's handsome houses and one particularly wonderful old corner shop. A joy!



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