Image of the week


[better_gallery template=single ][/better_gallery] I've been naughty and last week I didn't make time to update. The days have flown in a blur of editing on mass and a domino line up of shoots. Never mind, for I'm back on track this week. Though I will admit I'm not on top form as I type this out in between sips of coffee, pushing my way through the bleary eyed aftermath of one too many last night.

I came across this image whilst scanning some old negs from my project The Showmen. It'd been a while since they'd been pulled down from the shelf and I remember reaching saturation point when scanning them the first time around. This portrait must have slipped through the net and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it appear on the preview screen. I shot it during the build of last year's Nottingham Goose Fair. This lad, one of the worker's sons, perched in the grey morning light counting his loose change on a piece of ferris wheel scaffold.

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