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[better_gallery template=overandover ][/better_gallery] This weekend I had the great honor and privilege of photographing the wedding of my good friends Oliver and Danielle in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside. I've had to be quick on my feet in learning the ins and outs of photographing weddings, this being my third in just over three months and having never even attended a wedding in my life prior to April this year. I seem to have cracked it however, and even though (as my girlfriend and trusty assistant will tell you) I was tossing and turning in bed with nerves the night before, I seem to have not done too badly this time.

We stayed the weekend with the other wedding guests in a peaceful Cotswold B&B, drank a few beers and ate good food together. It was wonderful to meet Oli and Danielle's family and friends and share some laughs. The big day saw a beautiful and emotional ceremony at Friars Court, a spectacular country house, followed by an organic, grow your own themed reception at Cogges Farm near the fair town of Witney. I first met Oli through the overlapping of our photography projects. We were both photographing the famous allotments in St. Ann's, Nottingham at the same time about three years ago now, so it seemed fitting that I would photograph him on his wedding day pottering about with Danielle in a veg patch near his new home.

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