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[better_gallery template=overandover ][/better_gallery] Another double bill this week! Aren't you the lucky one. These were spontaneously shot during working on a commission in Skegness a couple of weeks ago. Whilst on the way back to the hotel that was HQ for the performance festival I was photographing, I spotted this fella with a boa constrictor casually draped around him, as you do. I asked him for a portrait and he obligingly took some time out from basking in the hot sun to head into some shade so that I could take a couple of pictures. Afterwards, I thanked him and got back on my way. I thought nothing of it and had almost forgotten about the short but sweet encounter until I processed the roll this weekend. Simple. Lovely to be pleasantly surprised by moments captured that would've otherwise slipped away only to be forgotten. A joy of shooting film!

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