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[better_gallery template=horizontal ][/better_gallery]A double whammy this week! I couldn't choose between these two and felt they needed pairing together anyhow. They're hot off the press, having been shot just yesterday. I've somehow managed to go through my life so far without attending any weddings, up until around two months ago when I went to my first as photographer in Hong Kong. I had been anxiously awaiting yesterday's big day ever since. Everything had gone well in HK but could I pull it out the bag again? Especially since this time it was going to be a wholly different affair with three times the number of people and a traditional church ceremony. No way would I have turned it down though, Vicky, the bride, I've worked with closely at Nottingham Contemporary and Kevin, groom, is the son of my printer and film processor.

I took a rather nervous taxi ride to Vicky's suburban Nottingham terraced house ahead of proceedings to capture preparations at home. I was excited to have the opportunity to photograph in a domestic environment and thought a touch of homeliness would bring some modesty and informality to the final set. When I arrived I wasn't disappointed with the setting. A narrow jitty (or ginnel, snithcel, alley etc. depending on where you're from!)  between the terraces lead to wooden back garden gates and a maze of fences. I was met by Bridesmaids Charlie and Amber whilst Vicky was having her makeup touched up. I immediately knew I wanted to use the jitty as a spot for a couple of portraits and so set to work straight away. Charlie and Amber stood patiently for me among the fences, the backs of the next street's terraces behind them.

More portraits of Vicky getting ready followed and then of course the main event, but I'll save that for another time.

Enjoy the sun!


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