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A short entry as it's late and need to go to bed!

This week's image is from my shoot over the weekend in sunny Skegness! I was commissioned to photograph "Dream Walk" as part of the SO Festival. A little about the performance taken from their own marketing:

"Their seaside walk celebrates the Great British Seaside Holiday. For any age, the walk moves from the station and along the Grand Parade to the sea shore. Through a sensory mix of soundscape, movement and performance explore the funny, intimate and sometimes profound experiences we all have when we holiday by the seaside.

The walk lasts 45 minutes. You will be provided with a headset to experience the specially composed soundscape and guided by the performers along this dream walk. This is an outdoor walking commission so please dress accordingly."

It was a beautiful experience and the audio was very poetic. If it becomes available online I'll provide a link. Though it won't quite be the same as listening in Skeggy!

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