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I was recently in Hong Kong for a friend's wedding. A mind blowing, unforgettable experience filled with adventuring, late night partying and plenty of photographing on the streets. I had almost a whole week to myself to wander around the city before I needed to prepare for and photograph the wedding, which was a spectacle in itself, held on a traditional Chinese junk boat complete with dramatic red sail. I'd never been to a city taller than London so Hong Kong was like jumping in at the deep end. What struck me is how the people there almost appear to "slot in" to the built environment, dwarfed by the sheer size of everything. Of course, there are smaller structures, market stalls, Buddhist street shrines and Dai pai dong's (food places) but even they appear as if they are simply culturally outfitting the towering metropolis. This photograph was snapped on one of many walks through Wan Chai and Admiralty, suits pouring out of glass high-rises at lunch time and finding respite in the scatterings of ornamental gardens. This figure seemed to be being swallowed up by the surrounding over-sized plant pots.

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