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[better_gallery template=single ][/better_gallery] Once a week I'll post a feature image here from my bursting archive of unseen images. Projects that were non-starters, past assignments and pictures from adventures and days out with my camera.

This being a Christmas image is pretty unseasonable with it being  the end of June right now but it jumped out at me when scrolling through the mass of files on my external hard drive. I shot this when I was working on a series of pictures on the St. Ann's estate in Nottingham last Winter. At the time there was a lot of community action in the area, the local Co-Op - the only food provision within a mile - was closing down and just across the way from it, a charitable food bank was preparing to open. Whilst I was photographing, an ex Co-Op worker was shot dead in Bilborough, an estate on the other side of the city. The community came together to remember him and remain stalward in troubled times. This photograph is from a Children's Christmas party at The Chase Community Centre.

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